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Empire with Uli Jon Roth and Vinnie Moore

Empire, 6355 Rolling Rd, Springfield, Virginia, US

Here's a show for you guitarists out there. We'll be playing with Uli Jon Roth, formerly of Scorpions, and shredder Vinnie Moore of UFO. Also appearing we'll be Black Knights Rising, a tribute to the music of Dio and Richie Blackmore. That band includes guitarist Craig Goldy and drummer Vinny Appice, both of whom have played with Dio.

$22 in advance, $25 at the door Age limit: All ages


Private Event


Iota Club in Arlington, VA

Iota Club & Cafe, 2832 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, Virginia

Join us for our first show at this intimate venue in Arlington. Fallworth pianist Sean Mahon will be opening the show. Sean is a fantastic pianist and he'll be throwing in a few Rush tunes for ya!

$10 cover


Springfield, VA @ Empire w/ Fooled Again (The Who tribute) and A Thousand Rainy Days (Police tribute)

Empire, 6355 Rolling Rd, Springfield, Virginia, US

It's Tribute Band Night!!! Our second show with Baltimore's Fooled Again. Opening the show will be a great Police tribute band, A Thousand Rainy Days. Doors open at 8 and the bands start soon after.

Age limit: All ages

Next Show: Fri Nov 18 at Tally Ho Theatre in Leesburg, VA

What Rush songs do you want to hear at our Tally Ho show this November? Let us know by filling out the survey below!

A Tribute to Rush

Blame Canada is the premiere Rush tribute band in the Washington, DC area. Our shows are fun for both the casual Rush fan who likes the radio hits like Tom Sawyer, Closer to the Heart and Limelight, and the Rush geeks like each of us who wants to hear the deeper tracks and songs Rush hasn't played in concert in years. We play old Rush, new Rush, and everything in between. Check out our schedule for a show near you!


Best title of a tribute project, ever. Even us Canadians will forgive the slight when the band's this damned good. Your drummer is sublime, amazing. Kudos & cheers from the Great White North!
- Chorus Tribute Artists, a full-service artist management / representation firm based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, specializing in the development & marketing of top-tier classic rock tribute artists.

Okay gentlemen. We are not your average Rush fans. We pretty much know every note, every lyric, every air guitar, synth, drum and bass by heart from Rush Rush to Clockwork Angels and crave every rat pellet we can get out paws on. I had NO idea what to expect when stepping foot in the 8x10 Club except maybe, just maybe, we could walk outta the joint with a smile. Well I can tell you that freakin smile is still on my face and I couldn't wipe it off if I tried. THAT WAS MIND BLOWING!! YOU ALL KILLED IT! I am still trying to get the rocket sauce off my body you all blasted us with last night and all the putty knives in the world couldn't scrape it off. Thank you for representing the greatest band in the world with extraordinary CLASS. My Blame Canada AIRship is still steering right across the stars and OH I wish that I could live it all again!
 - Lance "The Shred" Kasten, Maryland, USA

Was a great show indeed! Glad my son and I made it. Some nice surprises with songs you'd probably never hear at a "real Rush" show these days such as Camera Eye (one of my personal faves) and Xanadu. An immense amount of local talent in your group. Nice work hitting the high notes on Freewill and others. Although I am a professional listener of music, I never learned to play anything.  However my neighbor came along and he did play semi-professionally back in the day and said, "Andy is out of his mind on that guitar".  My son loves Freewill and YYZ (among others) and perhaps the best endorsement of all was that he grabbed my Chronicles and Moving Pictures CDs yesterday to upload Camera Eye, La Villa, and The Trees to his iPod!  Come back soon so we can "recruit" others to attend!
- Mark Donofrio, Virginia, USA

WOW, you did Natural Science. Awesome show. The crowd STOOD mesmerized like I have never seen in a small local show. It was amazing to watch them stare at the stage, people holding forgotten drinks. You all blew them and me away, and my son too. Just fantastic!
- Todd Jensen, Virginia, USA

Last night's concert was beyond awesome!! I always figured there were no, or almost no, RUSH cover bands around because it's just too hard to play. But you guys nailed it!!! Can't wait to see y'all again and hopefully soon.
 - Jeff Folks, Maryland, USA

You all were amazing!  I could close my eyes and swear I was listening to Rush! You have obviously put in an incredible amount of work in capturing, not only the notes, but the vibe as well. It shows! Well done! Looking forward to the next show.
- Steve Gerety, Virginia, USA

- Tony Dormio, Virginia, USA